gym facilities

MG Gym Facilities

Our gym is fully equipped with a wide variety of equipment to suit your workout needs, including elliptical machines, stepper machines, rowers and exercise balls.

Along with our fixed weights equipment, we also have a boxing sandbag and AB bench for a complete body workout experience.

One Month Membership: 299- 300 AED 

personal trainer

Personal Training

Our personal trainers provide essential insights into exercise and nutrition ensuring that your gym sessions are as beneficial as possible. Our four components of personal training include:

- Fitness assessment
- Cardio training
- Strength exercises
- Work on your core stability.

Prices from: 170 AED (Member Price


EMS Training

EMS is a total body workout using electrical impulses sent directly to your muscles. Our Amplitrain "Amplicube", a state-of-the-art EMS system will put you through a workout and make you sweat.

See our blog post here for more information.

Please contact us for prices