Glamorous Makeupnew

Glamorous Makeup

Look no further than our beauty specialists, who will consult you about your ideal products before creating a show-stopping look to add some extra sparkle to your special occasion. It may be that you have a party, date or work presentation on the horizon that you want to feel confident and beautiful for. Our experts will guide you through every step of the process from start to finish, ensuring that you are made to feel – and look – like a star.

Eye Makeup: 250- 300 AED 
Basic Makeup: 375 AED 
Artistic Makeup: 500 AED 
Glamorous Makeup: 800 AED


Glamour Lashes and Brows

Enjoy a range of expert Glamour Lashes & Brows services with a visit to the Morning Glory Health Club & Spa. We’re proud to offer a variety of expert treatments, using only the best natural products that are skilfully applied by dedicated and friendly staff. As you relax in our top of the range facilities, enjoy a pleasurable application of natural look lashes (50 to 100 hair) or glamour lashes (100 to 350 hair) to suit your preference and beauty needs.

Natural Look (50 to 100 hair): 375 AED
Glamour Look(100 to 300 hair): 500-700 AED
Lashes / Brows Removal: 175 AED
Lashes / Brows Refill: 200 AED


Tattoo Micropigmentation

Imagine not having to worry about getting ready in a rush ever again! With semi-permanent makeup, you can book for a top-up as you wish so it’s never a problem. Proven to improve confidence and help with inner-happiness, our dedicated team look forward to using their skills to add to the quality of your life. We offer treatments to pigment your eyebrows and eyes to your preferences, as well as tattooed lip liner, full lips and more extensive body art on request.

Eyebrow: 1926 AED
Eye: 1800 AED
Lip Liner: 1800 AED
Full Lip: 2675 AED
Body Art: Price On Request
Golden Tattoo: Price On Request


Bridal Packages

At Morning Glory Health Club & Spa we offer the perfect environment for bridal groups and brides-to-be to rejuvenate and relax before the big day. As all women want to look their best for weddings, we offer a range of bridal packages and special prices on a variety of our expert treatments. Our aim is to make you feel your best and help you realise your full potential, so you can start your wedding journey in the right way. Whether you want to receive our services in our top of the range and calming salon, or in the comfort of your own home, get in touch today and take advantage of our bridal packages.

Bridal Make Up (in salon): 1700 AED
Bridal Makeup (Home Service): 3400 AED
Hair Style in Salon: 1600 AED
Hair Style Home Service: 3200 AED
Hair & Makeup in salon: 3000 AED
Hair & Makeup Home Service: 6000 AED
Henna in Salon: 800+ AED
Henna Home Service: 1500+ AED