style me

Style Me

A right hairstyle means a lot as it can bring great difference in your personality. At Morning Glory, our stylists help you in choosing the best hairstyle that suits your persona and gives you a complete makeover.

Hair Cut: 161 AED
Fringe: 43 AED
Trim: 107 AED
Wash & Quick Dry: 54 AED
Hair Wash: 33 AED

Blow-dry + Wash
Short: 107 AED
Medium: 161 AED
Long: 214 AED
Very Long: 268 AED
Blowdry+Curling: 130+ AED
Blowdry+Flat Iron: 250+ AED
Hair Style: 250+ AED

Hair Color

Make Me Over: Hair Color

Hair coloring can be quite tricky – it can either make or break your look. This is why it’s important to have the expert hand. At Morning Glory, we help you choose the perfect hair color to give you a new appeal.

Root (up to 5cm): 193 AED
Full Hair Colour: 375-856 AED
Roots & Rinsage: 200-400 AED
Half Highlight: 428-749 AED
Full Highlight: 856-2140 AED
Add Reflection Color to highlight: 150-300 AED
Decolouring: 180-300 AED

Hair Treatment

Treat Me: Hair Treatments

Collagen Botox
Unveil a brand new you with our collagen Botox treatment to create lavish locks worthy of envy. We will have you looking red carpet ready in no time, leaving you with the shiny, healthy hair you have always dreamed of.

856-2675 AED

Brazilian Keratin
Perhaps you have struggled for many years with difficult to style frizzy hair. If this is the case, our Brazilian keratin treatment may be the answer. Our experts will seal a nourishing liquid keratin solution into the hair cuticle, eliminating frizz for up to three months.

856-2675 AED

Customized Hair Therapy
You may be unsure about which products will help your hair to be shiny and healthy-looking. You may have experimented but have been unable to achieve your desired results. Our hair specialists will work in consultation with you to devise the ideal treatment for your hair. If you are seeking hair therapy to suit you individually, we can help.

268-321 AED

Organic Hot Oil and Mask
Rehydrate your hair with our organic hot oil and mask. This treatment is perfect if your hair is frizzy, dry or lacklustre. Give your hair a treat today with this sumptuous option.

268 AED