Super Luxury 24K Gold Facial

Unwind and relax with our VIP delightful anti-aging 24K gold treatment. Each gold treatment is customized based on your skin type and needs. This facial helps stimulate collagen, promotes even skin tone, builds elasticity, stimulates cell regeneration, moisturizes, improves circulation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, detoxifies, and adds a youthful glow.

800 AED
 Derma Peeling Facial (70 min)

Because your skin is unique, we’ll begin your journey to healthier, rejuvenated skin with a skin-care analysis and a plan to address your skin care needs. Take your skin to the heaven with our range of Luxury Organic Skin Care Treatment developed to solve all your skin problems and leave your skin radiant and dreamy. Treatments are designed to assist you with:
Acne-Prone Skin, Anti-aging, Sun-Damaged Skin, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Whitening, Pore Reduction, Brown Spots and Pigmentation, and Ultimate Hydration.

482 AED
 Vitamin C Antioxidance Brightening Facial (50 min)

Ideal for improving the appearance of uneven pigmentation, dull skin tone and age spots. Revitalize and repair your skin with an exclusive blend of potent vitamin C and skin smoothing enzymes. Perfect for all skin types – reduces inflammation and noticeably brightens skin and reveals a healthy, luminous glow.

375 AED
 Essential Radiance Facial

Basic products with hystomeric cell extracts, studied to give maximum performance and effectiveness. This deeply relaxing & therapeutic facial for all skin type, leaves your skin looking refresh and balanced.

214 AED

 Eye Multi-Action Contour Treatment

Revitalizing and toning eye contour treatment, designed to provide in-depth hydration, tone up tissue and prevent fine facial lines.

214 AED