Signature Balinese Massage

Choose the essential oil to suit your mood and enjoy a massage combining a variety of techniques to relax and renew. This massage will boost your circulation, work out muscular tension and aid in well being by utilizing natural hot shells radiating their effect deep into the muscles and tissues along with gentle strokes of experienced therapists and your selection of essential oils.

(60 or 90 min) 268-375 AED
 Blooming Revive Journey

The knowledge, skills and experience of the therapists brings you this massage. It combines the most effective movements and techniques from various therapies or just one technique of any of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga , Ayurvedic or Reflexology Massage.

(60 min) 268 AED
 De-Stress Mind & Body 

Enhance your senses with a 30 minutes therapeutic foot reflexology or a back, neck or Head and Shoulder Massage with 100% pure essential oils to calm, detoxify and energize your mind and body by traditional therapy combines stretching, long strokes; skin rolling, palm and thumb pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and calm your mind.

(30 min) 140 AED
 Thai Herbal Massage

Thai Herbal Bolus (Pack) is a much sought-after massage in which your therapist uses a warmed pouch of steamed Thai herbs instead of her hands to apply soothing strokes on your body. Normally, a herbal bolus consists of Asian herbs and spices that are wrapped tightly in cotton cloth and then infused in hot water or steam, before applied on your body. Herbal bolus is very effective to relieve your muscle aches and pain resulting from excessive sport, stress, movements etc. It is also believed to calm nerves and redirect energy vital for health.

(30 or 60 min) 140-321 AED