classic nails

Classic Nails

Indulge yourself with a timeless look by choosing one of our classic nail treatment options. Our staff will ensure that your nails are perfectly groomed, ready for any occasion. You may choose from our selection of manicures and pedicures.

No Color
Manicure: 65 AED
Pedicure: 75 AED
Combo: 105 AED

Nail Polish
Manicure: 60 AED
Pedicure: 70 AED
Combo: 120 AED

Manicure: 70 AED
Pedicure: 81 AED
Combo: 130 AED


Gelish Nails

Keep your beautiful French or colour treatment free of chips and blemishes with our Gelish nail options for hands and feet. This long-lasting formula is great for both manicures and pedicures – simply let our experts do the work and show off your new look wherever you go.

Hands N/ F: 86 AED
Feet N/ F: 91 AED
Combo N/F: 160 AED

Color Gelish Mani: 118 AED
Color Gelish Pedi: 129 AED
Color Gelish Combo: 200 AED

French Gelish Mani: 120 AED
French Gelish Pedi: 140 AED
French Gelish Combo: 240 AED

Gelish Removal: 33 AED

5 nail designs

Nail Enhancements

Achieve a natural look with our selection of nail gel and acrylic treatments. You can treat yourself to options such as tips and overlays in natural or French styles, plus our experts can repair damaged nails. Other choices include nail maintenance and art.

Natural Tip: 260 AED
French Tip: 290 AED
Natural Moulded: 280 AED
French Moulded: 310 AED
Natural/Color Overlay: 240 AED
French Overlay: 260 AED
Refill Natural/Color Set: 200 AED
Refill French Set: 225 AED
Nail Repair: 33 AED
Extension Removal: 97 AED
Weekly Checkup & Buff: 60 AED
Weekly checkup & Polish: 70 AED
Repair Per Nail: 20 AED
Contemporary Art/Nail: 20 AED


Nail Rejuvenation

If you are seeking an extra special treatment to revitalise your hands and feet, our experts can assist. We have soothing paraffin treatments to moisturise your hands and feet, leaving them soft, smooth and supple. Our Royal Spa options include pampering with a mask wrap, pure essential oils and a relaxing massage.

Paraffin Treatment Hands: 110 AED
Paraffin Treatment Feet: 130 AED
Paraffin Treatment Combo: 220 AED

Royal Spa Ultra Pampering with personalize mask wrap and pure essential oil along with 15 min hot shell massage
Hands: 150 AED
Feet: 180 AED
Combo: 250 AED